Amy J Wilson

I am a visual artist that works with processes that incorporate craft and tech through the use of casting and printmaking in combination with 3D scanning and 3D printing. My work revolves around notions of reproduction and representation. I work with mass-produced objects that depict animals or the natural, objects that offer a contrary, often inconsistent meeting of nature and artifice. Through a process of making and unmaking I create replicas, translating these objects into the complicated realm of simulacrum, asking whether there ever was an ‘original’ or only the copy of a copy. My work teases out parallels and interplay between areas that may at face value seem disparate such as toys, taxidermy, zoos, pets, museological taxonomies, figurines, souvenirs and scientific specimens. Surfaces within my work move between the three dimensional and the two dimensional, oscillating between flat cartoon imagery and hollow interiors.

My piece ‘Platelet’ explores everyday domestic imagery, conflating languages of perceived high and low culture: kitsch cats that sit on decorative ceramic plates are sliced to reveal cartoon innards; ceramic pieces hover between luxury object and slipcast multiple. A tension between the interior and the exterior runs throughout the work. There is an anxiety around what lies within, whether these objects are indeed all surface. By subtly subverting the imagery on a decorative plate, using the language of cartoon violence, I attempt to reference domestic violence that can lurk under the surface. Everything can seem fine at first glance, but take a second look and the familiar isn’t what it seems.

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