Sarah Strachan

Ceramic vessels caught in tightly stretched skin-like latex, dig deep into our ambiguous feelings towards the flesh. Ceramics and skin both function as containers or carriers of matter and meaning.
The taught skin-like latex represents the feeling of being physically and psychologically stretched between priorities as a studying and working mother. Already a fully-fledged member of the ‘sandwich generation’ caring for both children and elderly parents; Covid-19 lockdown, as for many women, intensified the tension between the different forms of labour.
Transitioning between roles and realities - seemingly coherent worlds or spaces of objects and beings - I come to question the definitions of these worlds when experienced within a confined space. In lock-down, I grieve for time spent in the interstitial – or in between – moments. Reflecting on this, the work explores the liminal state between body and object, between corporeal and non-corporeal. The notion of the skin as both a materiality and the site of relationality make it possible to describe bodies more generally outside the human and its hierarchies of difference.

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