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Co.Lab Sound Peer Network 2020-2021

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network is comprised of 14 international artists and curators developing collaborative practices across sound and performance art. This year long collaboration will comprise of workshops, lectures, open forums, and studio sessions to develop new participatory methodologies and a body of collaborative artwork.

Not only concerned with the theory and history behind avant-garde sound and performance practices, Co.Lab Sound aims to discuss the contemporary issues of live and participatory artwork both in-person and online today.

Xuan Liu

Xuan Liu is a Chinese sound artist based in London. Her practice involves installation and performance around sound. Xuan Liu concentrates on the interaction in between sound and audiences in various spaces and situations. Her work is also focused on sonic fiction and sound ontology theory which relates to her practice. She wants to discuss these topics to present the complex relationship between sound and humans.

Her project encourages audiences to be a part of the sound energy flow; using their actions to participate in the piece and recognize the spirit core of sound. The impromptu sound takes advantage of the sporadic nature of the physical contact and the physical participation of reverberation. It tries to enrich a very open way of participation in the work and respond to an instantly way of energy flow from the sound between the artist and the audience.

Audiences’ participation and intervention is an important fact in her work as the process itself. In her practice, echoing and responses are always the core of her work. She tries to introduce various sounds into an art gallery context but changing the audiences’ experience of space and sound. Her creative system is like an open platform in a state of embracing and giving and communicating.

45 Beats_ A Soundwalk in the Dark.png
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