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Co.Lab Ethos

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network is comprised of 14 international artists and curators developing collaborative practices across sound and performance art. This year long collaboration will comprise of workshops, lectures, open forums, and studio sessions to develop new participatory methodologies and a body of collaborative artwork.

Not only concerned with the theory and history behind avant-garde sound and performance practices, Co.Lab Sound aims to discuss the contemporary issues of live and participatory artwork both in-person and online today.

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network 2020-2021

Marley Treloar

Using participation, installation and sound, Treloar’s practice connects intimate moments of family, love and grief and confronts them with the ideals of an internet age.

Self-depricating self-help tapes, feminist book clubs for our female AI companions and performative social media readings are the artists way of coping with the contrasting desires for genuine connection and the seductive fake personas of our online lives. In a time where we are constantly fed targeted information and advertisement, how we curate our own lives and online selves are bleeding into one.

Humour has always been a path to dealing with love and loss, and drawing on their own experience with family and personal relationships, Treloar explores their own stumblings and failings with a chuckle. If only to lighten the mood, just for an instant.

With an interest in human behaviour, She smudges lines drawn between the public and private in our retelling of our lives and the exaggeration there of.

45 Beats_ A Soundwalk in the Dark.png

Co.Lab Sound Exquisite Corpse

Co.Lab Sound Workshops & Lectures