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Co.Lab Ethos

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network is comprised of 14 international artists and curators developing collaborative practices across sound and performance art. This year long collaboration will comprise of workshops, lectures, open forums, and studio sessions to develop new participatory methodologies and a body of collaborative artwork.

Not only concerned with the theory and history behind avant-garde sound and performance practices, Co.Lab Sound aims to discuss the contemporary issues of live and participatory artwork both in-person and online today.

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network 2020-2021

Nadia Berri

Nadia Berri is a Swiss multidisciplinary artist based in London working in sculpture, choreography, drawing, language, film and sound.
Her interests lie in disparate materials and situations and in her practice she brings things and people together in theatrical, often absurd scenarios intended to mess up a fixed idea of reality.

Berri conceives and choreographs sur-realities that go under the name of 'käfig' - unscripted sculptural plays that evolve using chance methods and material improvisations. 'käfig' performances are composed and produced live on 'stage' without any pre-existing narrative. Performing in all kinds of locations - derelict buildings, car parks, living rooms, street corners, project spaces, parks. Launderettes etc. - they use disparate objects, movement, sound and language as sculptural materials in a nonhierarchical manner and form a new whole and that taps into the subconscious. No performance of käfig is ever the same and collaboration is key.

45 Beats_ A Soundwalk in the Dark.png

Co.Lab Sound Exquisite Corpse

Co.Lab Sound Workshops & Lectures