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Co.Lab Ethos

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network is comprised of 14 international artists and curators developing collaborative practices across sound and performance art. This year long collaboration will comprise of workshops, lectures, open forums, and studio sessions to develop new participatory methodologies and a body of collaborative artwork.

Not only concerned with the theory and history behind avant-garde sound and performance practices, Co.Lab Sound aims to discuss the contemporary issues of live and participatory artwork both in-person and online today.

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network 2020-2021

Sinmiloluwa Oyewale

I am a performance artist. I perform to promote the human spirit. My works has involved creation of conceptually based sociopolitical objects and sound art. I started protesting art few years ago. Fusion of rare African traditional music and modern electronic sound. As time pass by I began to use poetry, movement and object based concept and that has now become a prominent feature in my work. In my works, I deconstruct the conventional approach to contemporary art in Africa. My works also address social justice, people behavioural pattern, demolition and gentrification. Often times these themes are combined into bodies of work that express my criticism and true perception on social issues.

I have done a couple of conceptual art in the past. I also create site specific concert. A deft blend of music and conceptual art. It promotes non conventional space for concerts. This has been one of the uncommon ways i express myself as a thinking artist. And it is also a natural way to keep my protesting art alive in the face of the people. These days, I sense my mind is occupied. It is floating within a sphere of time and nature based art.

45 Beats_ A Soundwalk in the Dark.png

Co.Lab Sound Exquisite Corpse

Co.Lab Sound Workshops & Lectures