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Co.Lab Ethos

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network is comprised of 14 international artists and curators developing collaborative practices across sound and performance art. This year long collaboration will comprise of workshops, lectures, open forums, and studio sessions to develop new participatory methodologies and a body of collaborative artwork.

Not only concerned with the theory and history behind avant-garde sound and performance practices, Co.Lab Sound aims to discuss the contemporary issues of live and participatory artwork both in-person and online today.

Co.Lab Sound Peer Network 2020-2021

The Cyborg Art Collective

The Cyborg Art Collective is a collaboration between different artists from various places. For every project the participants vary, and the group is not based in any particular location. The collective's aim is to create works that mediate between different discourses, fields of study and the general culture. All projects are primarily research and experiment based, and focus on philosophical and scientific questions surrounding technologies' role in everyday life.

When exhibiting at events like tech-conferences as Toronto Digifest, art fairs like In Situ Art fair and Vita Tua, Vita Mea and festivals as Gogbot and the Dutch Design week, the engagement of the audience is crucial. An Interactive installation like The Ultimate Exhibition for example provides a tactile aspect to a gaming experience. And performative installations like Project Key Code can be used to provide a layer of expression to a digital dialogue. By actively involving the audience the Cyborg Art Collective provides them with the means to experience and actively engage with the subject matter. Generating knowledge and insights on the concepts and the qualities of the technologies involved. And to provoke questions and discussion on these topics to further understanding on the matters in question.

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Co.Lab Sound Exquisite Corpse

Co.Lab Sound Workshops & Lectures